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New Territory, Part II

Well, I did it. I used my gift card to purchase a large portion of the supplies I need to start experimenting with metal smithing. AND I got payment for the custom orders I did before Christmas (which I forgot to take pictures of… Lame). Which means I can purchase the rest of my supplies from another site.


One purchase down, one to go, and then I get to start playing with fire. *evil laugh*

I’m still totally intimidated. I usually learn quickly once I get started, so hopefully it won’t take me long to get the hang of things. If I can just get myself to take that first step…

I feel like so much is riding on all of this. Say a prayer, send good vibes, wish me luck. Or all of the above. ūüėČ

Thanks for joining me on my journey. I’ll keep you posted. ūüėČ

Epic Fail

I was working on a (top secret) custom order last night. ¬†I have been given basically no direction what-so-ever, which makes it fun in some ways and frustrating in others. ¬†I thought I figured out what I wanted to do. ¬†I did a couple test runs with regular aluminum wire since I was planning on using sterling for the real deal. ¬†It’s never a good idea to do your practicing/let’s just see what happens work with sterling. ¬†Obviously. ¬†So I thought I had a winner idea, and went a head with the sterling. ¬†I failed. ¬†TWICE. ¬†I was so angry. ¬†I had to walk away. ¬†I picked up another project thinking I would distract myself that way. ¬†But I couldn’t even do that. ¬†So I went upstairs and sat on the couch for a while, doing absolutely nothing. ¬†It was a little sad that I couldn’t fully enjoy my sloth, since I was still fuming a bit.

Sadly, I have no pictures to show due to the top secret status. ¬†Especially since even though I’m frustrated and a bit embarrassed, I’m still willing to show my errors to the world. ¬†Everyone needs a good chuckle now and again, right? ¬†Maybe soon I’ll get to show you. ¬†Maybe.

So think some happy thoughts for me, Friends.