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Get the Party Started

Is this song stuck in anyone else’s head now?

Yup. I’ve already been starting to push, push, push. Hopefully I won’t drive all my facebook friends crazy, but OH WELL if I do! Truthfully, I’m trying to ease into it, and I do try to minimize the postings to my personal FB. I had a few things to iron out before I could start posting more on Etsy (I switched banks (yay moving!), so I had to wait until all that mumbo-jumbo was 100% taken care of) but I’m going to try to list at least 1 each day, 5 days of the week. I know odds are that I won’t get it done the full 7, so I think 5 is a good starting place.

Also… I JUST figured out, about a month ago, how easy Etsy makes it to post to social media. *facepalm* I’m a little slow sometimes… But I have found the easy-share buttons (like Pinterest and Twitter… Give me a follow!) and have been making use of them. Annnnnd, I don’t know if you noticed or not, but this is the 3rd B.Accessorized blog post in as many weeks! BOOM.

I’ve managed to clear out quite a bit of old inventory via my clearance album on Facebook. Those pieces just weren’t selling, didn’t fit with the style I am focusing on now, and were just taking up space, so I’m glad to see them go. There are still some pieces over there, and the sale ends soon, so be sure to stop by!

Clearance $8
Clearance $8
Clearance $12
Clearance $12
Clearance $15
Clearance $8

Here’s hoping this motivation continues!

The Fork…

…in the road. That’s kind of where I feel like I am now-a-days. I’m not usually a down-in-the-dumps person, but I have to admit that I’ve been feeling pretty defeated lately. It’s not the first time I have considered being done with jewelry making, but this is probably the most torn I have felt about it. I enjoy it, but it can be overwhelming at times. And I’m still not very confident in some of my new skills, so I wonder if I’m wasting time and materials (and therefore money) while I try to get better. And let me tell ya… I’m the queen of avoiding things that I’m unsure about. (I’m talking things like avoiding parking meters and pay to park lots because I had never used them before, and it stressed me out. Until about 3 years ago. And they still stress me out. Yeah. I’m not kidding.)

Anyway, back to my woe-is-me junk… 

Every time I go to look through my pieces to find some to dismantle to use the bits and pieces for other things, I have this “Well geez… why didn’t this sell? I think I need to give it a little more time.” voice in my head. Some of what I have made in the past was a little on the pathetic side, but some of it really surprises me that no one was interested (like this and this). And I’m just not sure what to do to find those people that would buy those pieces. I’m working more on posting things to etsy (oddly enough, when I go to do that, I have this OTHER voice that asks “why on earth would you post that piece of crap?” It’s very confusing sometimes) but I really just don’t reach many people via Etsy. My whoppin’ three sales have been from friends. Which is great, but it means I’m not reaching beyond people I already know. 

I’m not quite at the point where I’m ready to give it all up, but honestly if things don’t start selling, it’s going to become a very real possibility. I feel very defeated a lot of the time. 

*sigh* Pathetic, aren’t I? 

Any suggestions for getting out of this sad little pity party?