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Epic Fail

I was working on a (top secret) custom order last night.  I have been given basically no direction what-so-ever, which makes it fun in some ways and frustrating in others.  I thought I figured out what I wanted to do.  I did a couple test runs with regular aluminum wire since I was planning on using sterling for the real deal.  It’s never a good idea to do your practicing/let’s just see what happens work with sterling.  Obviously.  So I thought I had a winner idea, and went a head with the sterling.  I failed.  TWICE.  I was so angry.  I had to walk away.  I picked up another project thinking I would distract myself that way.  But I couldn’t even do that.  So I went upstairs and sat on the couch for a while, doing absolutely nothing.  It was a little sad that I couldn’t fully enjoy my sloth, since I was still fuming a bit.

Sadly, I have no pictures to show due to the top secret status.  Especially since even though I’m frustrated and a bit embarrassed, I’m still willing to show my errors to the world.  Everyone needs a good chuckle now and again, right?  Maybe soon I’ll get to show you.  Maybe.

So think some happy thoughts for me, Friends.

Back to the Beginning

So.  I have been crocheting more lately.  Why is this going back to the beginning?  Well, crochet is how I got started on the journey of accessorizing the world (well, maybe just my friends).  I started spending more time in craft stores, which, as you all know, leads to a lot of aimless wandering.  And one day I decided to buy one of the cheap-o beading kits and a whole new world opened up.  And since I really like instant(ish) gratification, jewelry kind of took over.  The bags I made took hours and HOURS to make.  I loved them, and thought they were amazing, but I also was giving my time away with them.  I have kind of kept my hand in with crochet over the years though.  Scarves have always been present since they are fairly quick.

This is my favorite kind. Scrap scarves, otherwise known as Uglies.

I decide a couple of months ago (after more aimless wandering and finding some irresistible yarn) to try to merge the two crafts and came up with these:

These bracelets are SOOOOO comfortable. You barely even feel them. *blissful sigh*

And then one day I was in my favorite local craft store, The Rabbit Hutch, and saw some AMAZING yarn.  It was pricier than any yarn I have every purchased, but I had to have it.  So I made an infinity scarf out of it.  It turned out well, so I made a couple others out of other yarns I have been finding here and there.  I might have to consider, at some point, using up more of the yarn I already own, but that really isn’t as fun.  I have a problem… yikes.

This one is made of two shades of the same type of yarn. It’s kind of t-shirt-y. Really comfortable to wear.
I love the soft earthy colors of this yarn!

On Black Friday, I hit The Rabbit Hutch again.  And of course the yarn was on sale.  So I MIGHT have bought another skein.  I seriously have a problem.  It’s just so fabulous.  The colors are so amazing.  And it’s super soft, too.

HOW do you resist this?!?!? Is it any wonder I made two?

I have to admit that a lot of my motivation is laziness.  I can sit and watch TV and still get something accomplished.  That counts as multi-tasking though, right?  Yeah.  I thought so.