My Own Worst Enemy

It’s true. I admit it. I am my own worst enemy. There are times that I am really on my game, but a lot of the time I am the queen of self-destruction.

images (17)

It helps now that I am (very) aware that I do avoid the things I SHOULD be doing. I’ve gotten a whole lot better about it. I just have such a long way to go. Or that’s how it feels at least. If it’s fun, I have a much easier time getting it done, whatever it is. But I drag my feet on everything else. And I let other things distract me. Like my kids. I’m having a hard time carving out “work” time with the kids home all day again. (When does school start again?) And I know other people manage to do it. But I really struggle.

I even find myself avoiding blogging. And I actually like to write and blog. It’s just the thought of having to put effort in that keeps me from getting started a lot of the time. Once I start a project, I’m usually pretty good to go. It’s the getting started part that I have the most trouble with.

I really struggle with the promotional side of jewelry making. I like the makering part. But the photographing from 57 angles and telling everyone how fabulous the piece is gets a little daunting. And, really, what that breaks down to is that when it comes to promotion, my confidence in the piece jumps off a cliff. It makes me look at the item and wonder if it really looks nice, or if I’m just fooling myself. It can really be quite a problem… *sigh*

I’ll continue to try to improve on this lovely personality trait of mine. I guess that’s all I can do. Hopefully, in the near future, if I can really kick it into high gear, I will have some cool new things to show off. Some of them aren’t even jewelry.

For the time being… here are some newer components and pieces:

10501754_10153602602071844_8102311264450009038_n  10408916_10153614473931844_6236755930455328328_n 11667319_10153625934586844_1209649324395665557_nDSC_0119

2 thoughts on “My Own Worst Enemy”

  1. Lori, I don’t think any of us like the nuts and bolts of making photos, uploading descriptions, etc. I like to blog too but my biggest prob is coming up with topics and then doing it, as I am so scattered running my vintage jewelry supplies business. I should—and you should!–probably take an hour or two and sit in a comfy chair with a journal and a pen. Don’t go to sleep, now! Discipline yourself to make a list of good topics and then refer to it. As for the rest of it, remind yourself of the investment of time experimenting and watching jewelry making videos and also! the money that you have in your jewelry making already. Without disciplining yourself to promote and do the background work, you can’t justify the makering, unless you just want to tinker. Making it a business means you HAVE to do the rest. After you make that topics list, make yourself a WORK SCHEDULE. Map out the time you’ll do pix, promote, upload stuff to your online store, etc…..remember you are your own boss! So unless you do the work and boss YOURSELF to get ‘er done…..the good stuff ain’t happening! XOXO B’sue


    1. You are so right, Brenda! And I started the year really well with a schedule, etc. It’s just so easy to put my stuff after everything else on the to-do list. I’m working on it… it’s definitely a process to improve on it, but I’m getting there.


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