Get the Party Started

Is this song stuck in anyone else’s head now?

Yup. I’ve already been starting to push, push, push. Hopefully I won’t drive all my facebook friends crazy, but OH WELL if I do! Truthfully, I’m trying to ease into it, and I do try to minimize the postings to my personal FB. I had a few things to iron out before I could start posting more on Etsy (I switched banks (yay moving!), so I had to wait until all that mumbo-jumbo was 100% taken care of) but I’m going to try to list at least 1 each day, 5 days of the week. I know odds are that I won’t get it done the full 7, so I think 5 is a good starting place.

Also… I JUST figured out, about a month ago, how easy Etsy makes it to post to social media. *facepalm* I’m a little slow sometimes… But I have found the easy-share buttons (like Pinterest and Twitter… Give me a follow!) and have been making use of them. Annnnnd, I don’t know if you noticed or not, but this is the 3rd B.Accessorized blog post in as many weeks! BOOM.

I’ve managed to clear out quite a bit of old inventory via my clearance album on Facebook. Those pieces just weren’t selling, didn’t fit with the style I am focusing on now, and were just taking up space, so I’m glad to see them go. There are still some pieces over there, and the sale ends soon, so be sure to stop by!

Clearance $8
Clearance $8
Clearance $12
Clearance $12
Clearance $15
Clearance $8

Here’s hoping this motivation continues!

Going All In

download (17)

So. I have been making jewelry (and other things) for several years now. I have never really been successful at it. Every once in a while, it seems to pick up, and then it falls back down again. Things have gradually increased overall, though, which is great. But I’m really not where I feel I should, or at least COULD, be by now. I am set up in the most supportive way possible, with a husband that keeps pushing and helping me. He has never once questioned whether this was a good idea, even though I have soooo many times over the years. My friends and family are amazing supporters, too. So, really, it’s just me standing in my own way.

He bought me a jigsaw. Seriously.
He bought me a jigsaw. Seriously.

I just received an email inviting me to two upcoming events in my new “hometown.” One at the end of the summer, and one this fall. Initially, I was excited. And then I had the “Why bother?” moment. I rarely do well at these events. But… And this is a BIG but… My work has always been a mish-mash of pieces. I’ve never buckled down and focused on one style. And now, thanks in large part to Brenda’s B’SueBoutiques challenge class this winter, I feel like I am moving closer to where I want to be. My pieces still aren’t totally uniform, but they aren’t as all-over-the-place either.

And I’ve been working on removing the excess old pieces that don’t fit what I’m making now. (Have you checked out my clearance event on Facebook?) I really have too much inventory.

Okay, back to the email… I decided that I am going to push myself to list more on Facebook and Etsy (especially Etsy), be more consistent with promotion/social media, and give these events a try. If, after all that, things haven’t improved, I might be calling it quits. *deep breath* It’s not for sure. At the very least, I will re-evaluate what I have done, what worked, what didn’t, and then see where that leaves me. But I need to make big changes. I’m sure I’ll fall off the motivation wagon, as I always seem to, but I’m going to give it my best shot. (feel free to nudge me!)

I have some other projects that I have been neglecting (not to mention the kids and all that jazz) so it’s going to be interesting trying to juggle it all. I am pretty sure the extra stuff going on will be beneficial though. I am always more motivated and organized when I have more going at once. The less busy I am, the less productive.

So… Wish me luck!

My Own Worst Enemy

It’s true. I admit it. I am my own worst enemy. There are times that I am really on my game, but a lot of the time I am the queen of self-destruction.

images (17)

It helps now that I am (very) aware that I do avoid the things I SHOULD be doing. I’ve gotten a whole lot better about it. I just have such a long way to go. Or that’s how it feels at least. If it’s fun, I have a much easier time getting it done, whatever it is. But I drag my feet on everything else. And I let other things distract me. Like my kids. I’m having a hard time carving out “work” time with the kids home all day again. (When does school start again?) And I know other people manage to do it. But I really struggle.

I even find myself avoiding blogging. And I actually like to write and blog. It’s just the thought of having to put effort in that keeps me from getting started a lot of the time. Once I start a project, I’m usually pretty good to go. It’s the getting started part that I have the most trouble with.

I really struggle with the promotional side of jewelry making. I like the makering part. But the photographing from 57 angles and telling everyone how fabulous the piece is gets a little daunting. And, really, what that breaks down to is that when it comes to promotion, my confidence in the piece jumps off a cliff. It makes me look at the item and wonder if it really looks nice, or if I’m just fooling myself. It can really be quite a problem… *sigh*

I’ll continue to try to improve on this lovely personality trait of mine. I guess that’s all I can do. Hopefully, in the near future, if I can really kick it into high gear, I will have some cool new things to show off. Some of them aren’t even jewelry.

For the time being… here are some newer components and pieces:

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