Metal Fever

I think that’s a good name for what I have. Mmmmmmm… Yup. Sounds about right. Metal fever is my problem. And the prescription?

Oh, how I wish it was more cowbell…

More metal! (Though… when you think about it… Cowbells are MADE from metal. So maybe I DO need more cowbell.)

The problem is… metal scares me. As much as I love it, and love designs featuring metal, it intimidates me like none other. I have been wanting to get into metalsmithing for, oh, 4 years, give or take. And I have dabbled with it. But every time I hit a snag, my brain is all “Well, let’s move over here to the stuff you already know how to do” And off I go…

Well, NO MORE, I say!


I am feeling more and more determined to focus and really push to go where I want to go. Early next year, Ms. Brenda of B’Sue Boutiques, is holding a challenge that has to do with creating a “line” of jewelry. Odds are slim that I will ever have my jewelry in boutiques across the country, but I’m going to participate anyway. It’s a great way to focus, learn more about becoming a for-real business, and really push myself. I’m a little on the terrified side, but I’m excited, too. And I’m planning on metals playing a part in the 5 pieces I will create for the challenge. And those pieces will kind of be a jumping off point for creating other pieces that will move me further into the world of metalsmithing.

I’ve already started playing a bit with some new techniques, though I haven’t spent a lot of time with either. I did some etching for my daughter’s project when we moved. That was kinda fun, and I’m anxious to do more with it. And I have started experimenting with fold-forming.

Fold-Forming! Fire + Hammer = FUN!
My first etching project.

I cannot wait to work more with each of these techniques, as well as soldering and more cold connections. Metal is really fun to work with. I refuse to be a chicken any longer! Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Metal Fever”

  1. Great blog..keep on thing in mind if you decide to craft your own components a line whatever media they might be….how easy will they be to reproduce in a consistent fashion? That is really key in case you do decide at some point after the exercise that you want to go bigger w it.

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  2. Did that make sense? ..typing on an iPad And going too fast sometimes not a good mix. I will do a little guidance post on this thought on my blog soon. The badge is on the home page of the site now too! Yay advertising!

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  3. Nice blog you have here Lori.

    I took a (very) basic metalsmithing class last year but never got the chance to practice what I learnt. So hope to find some time this year.

    Looking forward to B’Sue’s challenge too 🙂

    Marica xx


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