Say Whaaa?!? That would be Work Table Wednesday and Finished Up Friday. I’m sure other groups do things like these, but my experience comes from the Creative Group on FB, courtesy of B’Sue. WTW and FUF are wonderful.

Let me tell you why…

So, it’s been going around Facebook lately (and if you can’t trust what you read on FB, what can you trust?) that creative folks tend to live and/or work in chaos. They also have a tendency to only finish a portion of the projects they start.

Which can kind of be a problem.

A while ago, WTW was introduced at the Creative Group, and people posted pictures of their messy workshops, and some of the items they were potentially going to turn into pieces of jewelry. B’Sue pieces were featured, of course. Let me tell ya… pictures of other people’s messy workbenches makes a person feel so much better about their own messy work space. Knowing you are not the only one that never puts things away, and while searching for “just the right thing” for your current project, coming across something that is not at all what you were looking for, but would make a cool something else. And off you go, working on the new, freshly inspired thing, until you get distracted by yet another something… It’s a vicious cycle.

Here is MY new messy workshop. Stuff everywhere...
Here is MY new messy workshop. Stuff everywhere…

This is where Ms. Brenda, and her amazing creative team, came to the rescue.

Here is one of my WTW
Here is one of my WTW

They decided to add a second day for postings. Only it is for finished pieces. And not just any ol’ finished pieces. Nope. The pieces you were working on, and posted for the world creative group to see. So, in two days’ time, you go from the making/creating process, to a finished product. Crazy, right?

And the FUF. Only finished one of the WTW projects, but that is A-Okay
And the FUF. Only finished one of the WTW projects, but that is A-Okay

Not everyone participates, especially not every single week. But many do because it’s a way to stay accountable (kinda like a workout buddy) and a way to stay on task. There are few things that feel as good as finishing what you start, be it a piece of jewelry, or any other thing in life. It just feels good. It’s satisfying.

The Creative Group is a wonderful place for inspiration, feedback, advice, and support. Everyone is kind, always. And B’Sue herself is the reason for all of it. She provides not only an amazing place to buy supplies (and is very very generous with freebies) but a community, and on top of THAT she offers FREE instruction via YouTube. Seriously, generous doesn’t even begin to describe this amazing lady.

So, if you are a fellow artisan, I would encourage you to give WTW and FUF a shot. Even if you don’t join a group in which to post pictures or whatever, do it for yourself.

PS: If you stopped by, tell me what project YOU are working on. Or the last one you FINISHED!

14 thoughts on “WTW and FUF”

  1. That’s a great post. And I love WTW and FUF. I’ve created more pieces during these last few weeks than I’ve created in awhile, so I agree. It holds me accountable and I’m finally finishing projects. I get distracted easy, and oooh squirrel mentality, but these 2 days and the constant comments and encouragement keep me focused. 🙂

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  2. Awesome encouraging post…..and so from your heart. Cheeze Louise how I would love it if more of our members shouted out the constructive, road-routing stuff we are accomplishing at the B’sue Boutiques Creative Group. So many jump in to nurture, encourage and assist…as it should be! So much more in a ‘multitude of counsellors’ than in the meandering banter of this one ol’ lady! Thanks for the ferocious shout out and so happy this is working out for you. I think it’s truly working out for a whole lot of us. I just feel downright over the moon happy about it….and a whole lot humbled too. Mega thx to Judy Jones King who came up w the whole thing one Wednesday last summer…and Marcia Tuzzolino who followed suit. Both are B’sue boutiques Design Team members. You rock, Miss Lori!

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  3. You’re spot on with this. It’s Weight Watchers for Artists. Lol. Keeping us Motivated and accountable. I did my first WTW and FUF this past week and it helped me stay focused and moving so I would have something to show the Group. But not just any old something. Something I was Proud of. Something that was ME. I love this Group and all the little things we do. And it definitely helped me use some of that pile of Flowers on my table!

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