Friends (a non-jewelry post)

A few months ago… I made a decision. Here’s the shake-down:

Most people think of me as pretty outgoing and all that, but I’m really a chicken at heart. I tend to assume people would prefer to avoid me. Even family and my closest friends. So this decision, while it may seem small, was actually a pretty big deal. And I still battle with myself. Every. Time.

Do any of you ever have someone, usually from your past, that pops into your head? Just a random memory or thought about that person? Well, I sure do. I think it comes from having too much time on my hands…

A few months ago I had one of those moments. So I decided that maybe there was a reason I was thinking of that random person at that moment, so maybe I should DO something about it. Crazy, right? I started sending a quick “Hi, how ya doin’?” message when I had the chnace. And thanks to the wonderful world of Facebook, I can do it without being super-intrusive (read:passive-aggressive)

It’s kind of awesome. I have had conversations with people that I would have missed out on otherwise. It doesn’t inspire huge transformations in my friendships with these people, some of which are really just acquaintances. But it does what Facebook is intended to do (more or less) It re-connects me with people. I get to catch up with them, learn a little bit about how they are, right now in this moment in their life.

I wish more people would listen to that inner voice telling them to reach out to someone (like me!). There have been a few times that the person I reached out to had really needed to be contacted that day. They needed to know someone was thinking about them, that they are significant. And that feels really good for both of our hearts. So consider that the person you are thinking of today might really need you to just say hello.

Which reminds me… I need to write more letters. That’s even BETTER. Who doesn’t love snail mail?

Talk to you soon, friends. (hint hint)

PS: I apologize for this interruption in the regular jewelry-focused programming. I know you all are so enthralled by my *cough* regular and frequent *cough*cough* posts, but I hope you don’t mind this little detour.

Much love, Friends, much love.

Decorating Celebs (part 1)

A while ago, waaayyyy back when I decided to get back into the whole blogging thing (like 6 months ago… practically another age) I made a list of topics that I wanted to write about. Of course these were GENIUS ideas that should absolutely be saved for when my blog has mass quantities of followers. Well, I’m pretty sure that day will not be coming anytime soon, so today I’m declaring “screw it!” and just going for it. 

*insert theme song of choice here* (this is a moment… woah. Savor it… savor it…)

Okay. So here’s where this idea came from…

There’s this chick I “know” from online sources (primarily the B’Sue Creative Group) that is a master of steampunk. Seriously. She’s amazing. And she had written a blog about famous people that have worn her creations (find her here). She talked a bit about how some of it came about and all that, and it got me thinking… 

WHO would I love to see wear pieces from B. Accessorized?

The list is long. There are so many cool people in this world. Here are 5 of my picks and why I would love to be featured in their jewelry box.

Who doesn’t love Zooey Deschanel? She just seems like she would be so fun to chill with. Yup. That’s it. That’s my reason. I love her classic style, too. 

Up next…

Yup. The Pioneer Woman herself. Ree Drummond. Queen of everything down home, old school, and amazingly awesome. I don’t know how she manages to be classy and elegant at the same time that you know she can kick some behind and get down and dirty because it needs to be done. Amazing. 

Carrie Underwood. She is amazing. I rarely have favorites of anything (food, color, hair stylist, etc) but she just might be my favorite singer. And she is always elegant and classy. Even her bad-ass is elegant and classy. It’s a gift. One of my favorite hymns is taken to a whole new level when she sings it. (Vince Gill adds a little somethin’ too) 

Meryl Streep. What a cool chick. She is a wonderful example of beauty and grace paired with a great outlook on life.

This last one is a new one. You might not recognize her. 


 Courtney Cole. She’s a country singer that kind of up-and-coming right now. She opened at a concert I went to and I was pretty darned impressed. She was funny and had a great voice (you know… the kind that doesn’t need a studio to sound good) What stuck with me the most, though, is that she had a tough job and made it seem easy. No one knew her songs (that whole up-and-coming thing) which has to be incredibly intimidating up on stage. We really enjoyed her music and performance. Look her up. She even responded to a tweet of mine! How cool is that? 

So there you have it, folks. My first 5 celebs that I would love to send pieces to. Maybe one day I’ll have the cajones (and skill) to send something to someone. For now it’s just a cool idea. 

If you feel like it, please give me a follow here at my blog, plus Facebook, Etsy, and Twitter. I love you all!


PS… this post spawned an associated idea. Maybe I’ll look at designing a few pieces along the way for some of these famous peeps. Not necessarily to actually send, but kind of inspired by what I think they would like and what I would picture them wearing. Hmm…. Thoughts?