My Favorite Things

These are a few of my (current) favorite things (please tell me you sang that too) that I love to wear. I love each of them separately, but I have been wearing all three things together a lot of the time. None of them “match” but they are all fairly simple so they work well together. Well, in my opinion at least… And if we’re being honest, my opinion is not ALWAYS reliable when it comes to fashion. But you guys don’t know me, so you don’t know that. So we’ll stick with the theory that I know what I’m talking about…  

Let’s start with this one:

Look, an elephant!
Look, an elephant!

I love elephants. They are one of my favorite animals. The Swarovski crystal link is just pretty and simple, and to me works really well with this style of charm.

I love pairing it with this:


I love this color of green. It’s bright(ish) but not in-your-face-neon bright, and earthy, too. And mixed metals make me happy. I have a friend that doesn’t understand mixed metals, and thinks they don’t “go” together. I’m pretty sure she’s broken. She needs to get that checked out… or maybe find a support group. Or something. But I love her anyway. 

And these earrings:

DSC_0020 - Copy (7)

 Boy do these puppies go with everything. I am typically a stud earring kinda gal (pretty much every day I wear a pair of stud pearls that my beloved husband (he puts up with SOOOO much) gave me many moons ago), so these feel a little big at first. But I absolutely love them. They are hand cut and filed (by me, duh) enameled (again by me) and drilled. By me. I’m sure that seems obvious to some people, but not everyone gets how much work goes into these pieces, so I want to make sure I point it out enough time that it sinks in for everyone. I figure I’ll know I have said it enough when that one person, you know the one, that is the last to catch on to anything and everything, tells me to shush about the hand-made mumbo jumbo.

Oh, and I love the little bit of silver on the copper. Did I mention that mixed metals make me happy? They really really do. 

If you have any desire to remove these items from my wardrobe, and add them to yours, be sure to keep an eye on Facebook and Etsy.  

Thanks for reading. 

*Honk if you love sarcasm and snarky comments*