So it would seem that I have been missing in action lately.  While that is kind of true, it’s not completely true.  I haven’t been spending as much time working lately because my husband and I have been on a Netflix kick a few nights per week.  But really the issue is that every time I head down to work, nothing goes right.  Either the ideas I had disappear as soon as I sit down, or whatever I DO try does not work out well.  At all.  It’s been pretty sad down in the B. Hive.  

I did manage a pair of earrings.  I thought they were fabulous, and since they have already sold, at least one other person agreed with me. 

Aren’t they fab?

A friend sent me a picture of a bracelet that she said she was willing to purchase (hint hint) if I ever made one… and it did inspire me a bit.  I could have made what she sent, but I wouldn’t have been super thrilled with it, so I made an alternative version which turned out pretty well.  It’s in the mail now, so hopefully she finds it satisfactory. 

Not a very good picture, but you get the idea…

I also, with a large amount of urging from a friend and her pushy husband, whom I adore, opened an etsy shop.  I haven’t added much to it yet, and I’m still working on some of the “policies” but please feel free to stop by, shop if you feel like it, and add me as a favorite.  Because really… what’s not to love about B. Accessorized?  😉

(And really, writing policies stinks.  I feel like a big fat jerk.  And what I really want to be able to write is “if you aren’t a jerk, I won’t be one back.”  Sadly, I can’t write that.  Lame.)

Come check it out!  And if you have any (kind) feedback for me, I would love to hear it!  I need all the help I can get these days…

Thanks for reading and not deserting me even when it seemed like I was gone, perhaps forever.  I’m still here.  I promise. =D