I have been finding myself creating pieces more frequently (which seems rare lately) and it got me thinking.  I have too much inventory.  So I decided to have a sale.  (check it out at B. Accessorized on Facebook)  Most of what has been in the clearance album for a while will be broken down to be used for new pieces if they don’t sell.  That’s one thing I need to work on.  It breaks my heart to take anything apart, no matter how dreadful it is now that I look at it with eyes that have a whole lot more experience and hands that are more skillful.

And I moved a LOT more pieces into the clearance album.

Everything else will be 10% off.

It doesn’t sound like much, does it?  But you know what?  For me it is.

It has always been a priority of mine to have my pieces priced in a range that I feel is reachable for most people.  I know there are plenty out there that would disagree with this line of thinking, but I can’t seem to help it.  I know what it’s like to fall in love with something only to take a peek at the price tag and automatically move it into the “ot in a million years” category in my head.  And it stinks.  I also feel as though my jewelry and other creations aren’t quite as skillfully done as a lot of other artists out there.  So I don’t feel I should charge what they charge.

This baby took a full 3 hours to make.

However, as time has gone by, I have improved and I have learned.  And my prices have slowly started to reflect that.  I’m starting to put more value on my time, but it’s a long process of change and growth.  I have this horrible tendency to want to discount when someone wants to make a purchase, or at least apologize for the price.  Which is silly. I’m a wimp.  But I’m getting better at telling myself “N.O. NO.” when I start to feel that urge.  And if I listed the things I DON’T charge for, you would be shocked.  It would be a very long list.  I’m not complaining.  It’s my choice to run things that way, at least for now.  And, like I said, I’m getting a bit stronger and I am finding more value in my time and work.  I’m growing and changing, as is my work.

All of those factors (starting with low prices, not charging for things like gas, time to hit the PO, etc.) are why my having a 10% off of EVERYTHING sale is a BIG. DEAL.

And the bottom line is that I love doing what I do.  It find it relaxing and challenging at the same time.  And I want you to love it too.  I love selling a piece even though a small corner of my heart cracks a little.

I think this says so much, and can be applied to so many things:


Thanks for reading.  ❤

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